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These numbers include several groups on the road – drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Earlier this year, Statistics Netherlands also published the annual road fatalities and the fact that “cycling is deadlier than driving.” Two-thirds of the cycling deaths were people over 65 years of age.

Meanwhile, accidents and pedestrian/cyclist deaths on Toronto roads have become constant headlines in the news.

Let’s leave gun violence and homicides for discussion on another post and focus on the subject of road safety today.

Not only is that due, in my opinion, to the extensive changes in technology, as the article suggests, but also to changes in society, as a whole (even though we helped to bring about many of those changes, ourselves).More people have been cycling in the Netherlands, especially the elderly.Statistics Netherlands compared the distance cycled per person per day in 2016 with the number of fatalities in 2017 per age group.The figures show that 2016 also saw the highest number of older people killed on the streets in a decade.Thirty-seven of the victims, or 86 percent, were over 55, which is the age the city’s road safety plan uses to define “older adults.” The demographic makes up about a quarter of the population.

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