Bebefit of consolidating land ontario

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Volume: 59 Issues: 166-179 PAGES: 44303-47778 i K Date: AUGUST 29 - SEPTEMBER 16, 1994 UMI No: 2575.00 Note: REEL: 4 OF 10 THIS PERIODICAL MAY BE COPYRIGHTED, IN WHICH CASE THE CONTENTS REMAIN THE PROPERTY OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNER. waivers, etc.; Haiti: correction, 4441(1 \ ■' Cooperative State Research Service NOTICES Meetings: Food and Agrider OMH n? Senior Executive Service: Performance Rp\'ie\v Boards: membership, 44410— 144 n Economic Development Administration NOTICES - Trade adjustment assistance eligibility determiivition petitions; Lighting (kji Uro K ef a! 44407-4440H Education Department NOTICES Graiits and ?

If for any reason a State agency fails to implement on the required implementation date, restored benefits shall be provided, if appropriate, back to the required implementation date or the dat Pof application whichever is later. PART 273— CERTi Ft CATION OF ELIGIBLE HOUSEHOLDS 3. paragraph {c)(l)(ii)(D) is revised to read as follows: § 273,9 Income and deductions. ACTION: Interim final rule with request for comments. It is intended that the assessment rate as s{ecified herein will be applicable to all assessable pears during the 1994-95 fiscal year begirming July 1. The Act provides that administrative proceedings must be exhausted before parties may file suit in court. Regulatory Flexi Mity Act The Deputy Associate Director has determined that this rule is exempt from the requirements of the Regulatory Flexibility Act because the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968.

Small ' agricultural producers have been defined by the Small Business Administration [13 CFR 121.601] as those having aimual receipts of less than 5500,000. The Act defines the term "automate" as "replacling] employees with automated weather service equipment." Section 946.2 of the regulations further elaborates that an employee performing surface observations at a field office is "replaced" when he or she is: "(1) removed from the field office, or (2) formally requested to cease performing all observational responsibilities at that office" after the office has installed automated weather service observation equipment and reduced or eliminated its surface observation responsibilities. EST January 1, 1995, unless terminated earlier by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port. In accordance with the general regulations in § 165.23 of this part, entry into this zone is prohibited unless authorized by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port or his designated representative. It has been exempted from review by the Office of Management and Budget under that order. significant under the regulatory policies and procedures of the Department of ., Transpertation (DOT) (44 FR 11040; February 26. The Coast Guard " expects the economic impact of this proposal to be so minimal that a full Regulatory Evaluation under paragraph 1 Oe of the regulatory policies and procedures of DOT is unneces,sar'.

and small agricidtural service firms are defined as those whose annual receipts are less than ,000,000. The Act does not define the term "consolidate." Section 946.2 of the regulations defines the term analogously to the term "automate" as "removling] some positions from a field office (without closing that office) after those responsibilities iidve been reduced or eliminated by the commissioning of one or more NEXRADs. T09-027 Safety Zone: Lake Eric, in ttie Vicinity of Euclid, OH. The following area is a safety zone: the waters of Lake Erie within a one quarter mile radius fiom 41° 47.6N. The safety zone encompasses lake surface areas as JMI f • 44318 Federal Register / Vol. Principle commercial users of the waterway have been contacted and no objections have been raised concerning the safety zone.

The Department h Iso proposed that continuous participation include hre;)tcs ji Vp.-)rticipation of one month or less due to administrative reasons, such as delayed reroposed rulemaking published on April ll, 1994.

It amends food stamp regulations foimplement Section 13914 ^the Mickey Leland Childhood Hun^ Relief Act, which requires that the ful Ualue of any public or general assistance housing payments made to a third party on behalf of a household residing in transitional housing for the homeless be excluded from the household's income for food stamp purposes. Seymour, Eligibility and Certification Rulemaking Section, Certification Policy Branch, Program Development Division, Food and Nutrition Service. 1994 / Rules and Regula Uons 44311 referred to the proposed rule for a more complete understanding of this final action.

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