Automated dating of the world language families

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The Secretary shall provide the criteria established under paragraph (1) to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretaries of the military departments, the commanders of the unified and specified commands, the commanders of deployed forces, and such other elements of the Department of Defense as the Secretary considers necessary.

The Secretary may from time to time modify the list to suit the current strategic situation.

The criteria under subsection (a) shall include such requirements for transmission of such critical information to such senior civilian and military officials of the Department of Defense as the Secretary of Defense considers appropriate.“The Secretary of Defense may not reduce or eliminate search and rescue capabilities at any military installation in the United States unless the Secretary, after reviewing the search and rescue capabilities report prepared by the Secretary of the Air Force under section 360(a) of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 (Public Law 110–181; 122 Stat. 1418, directed the Secretary of Defense to provide for the performance of two independent studies of alternative future fleet platform architectures for the Navy and to forward the results of each study to congressional defense committees not later than Civilian community encroachment on those military installations and ranges whose operational training activities, research, development, test, and evaluation activities, or other operational, test and evaluation, maintenance, storage, disposal, or other support functions require, or in the future reasonably may require, safety or operational buffer areas. The analysis shall include the following: An estimate of the costs associated with current and anticipated partnerships between the Department of Defense and non-Federal entities to create buffer zones to preclude further development around military installations included on the list, and the costs associated with the conveyance of surplus property around such military installations for purposes of creating buffer zones.

Any incident that may result in a contingency operation, based on the incident’s nature, gravity, or potential for significant adverse consequences to United States citizens, military personnel, interests, or assets, including an incident that could result in significant adverse publicity having a major strategic impact. An analysis, including views and estimates of the Secretary of Defense, of the current and potential future impact of such civilian community encroachment on operational training activities, research, development, test, and evaluation activities, and other significant operational, test and evaluation, maintenance, storage, disposal, or other support functions performed by military installations included on the list.

Such guidance shall include— the force size and shape, force posture, defense capabilities, force readiness, infrastructure, organization, personnel, technological innovation, and other elements of the defense program necessary to support the strategy; In implementing the guidance under paragraph (2), the Secretary, with the approval of the President and after consultation with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, shall provide, every two years or more frequently as needed, to the Chairman written policy guidance for the preparation and review of contingency plans, including plans for providing support to civil authorities in an incident of national significance or a catastrophic incident, for homeland defense, and for military support to civil authorities. In the absence of such progress, the Secretary concerned shall terminate the organization’s participation in the pilot program.

Currently Assistant Professor at Arizona State University.

There is a Secretary of Defense, who is the head of the Department of Defense, appointed from civilian life by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Secretary concerned shall require that any activity carried out under a permit issued by such Secretary under this section must be consistent with all requirements and restrictions that apply under any other provision of Federal law.] of regulations implementing this section), the Secretary concerned shall consult with the head of each Federal agency having authority under Federal law with respect to activities directed at sunken military craft or the locations of such craft. , to submit preliminary and final reports to committees of Congress on information obtained by the Department of Defense and the intelligence community on the conventional weapons and ammunition obtained by Iraq in violation of applicable resolutions of the United Nations Security Council adopted since the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. During the period of an organization’s participation in the pilot program, including the periods referred to in paragraphs (2) and (3) of subsection (f), the Secretary concerned may not require the organization to undergo any Office of Management and Budget Circular A–76 competition or other public-private competition involving any function of the organization covered by the Business Process Reengineering initiative.

Having been trained as a historical linguist in the field of Indo-European languages, especially English and German, at the University of Munich, I've worked in German and English Departments in Germany.

However, since 2007 I have been focusing on Australian languages in Northern Arnhem Land, documenting what is left of Amurdak, a member of the Iwaidjan language family.

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