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Whether it’s the donor from Mc Donald Douglas that funds your artists grant from the not for profit agency, or the money for your installation in the museum wing that was also donated by the same corporation, money and art are always closely connected and always have been (see the Medici family, or the Catholic Church or the history of Greece,)It’s up to the individual artist to decide what makes sense for them, but for me this has always seemed like the kind of question that people mainly like to ask when they’re in school.If you don’t make your money from your art, you’ll have to make it some other way and that will have political implications too.I don't know if it's because of the influence of agriculture or it goes back to our puritanical roots but this "down to earth" point of view definitely runs counter to most of what the art world is about; where everything is glamorous, decadent, theoretical, edgy, and ridiculously expensive.While all these things sound a lot more exciting and interesting then being "down to earth", there's a part of me that's always a little bit suspicious of what's going on on the coasts and the well-oiled machine that the art world has become.He talks about the east coast still being very tied to European ideas of hierarchy and social class and he sees the Midwest as being much more open and democratic and a kind of blank slate for experimentation.He also talks about the blurring of art and entertainment and he’s especially interested in gestures that can’t be easily classified as either.

We’re also interested in directing traffic in the other direction by promoting Midwestern artists in other cities and countries.I think the outside curatorial projects function in the same way - they provides a place for artists to experiment and invent and step outside of their brand name at least temporarily.As artists we’re all asked to come up with an identity and a consistent product and really stick with it for life.One interesting thing about the group shows is that at least early on gallerists were reluctant to let their artists participate because the exhibitions didn’t sound immediately prestigious or didn’t sound like they would make them any money.But artists always wanted to participate because it gave them a chance to try something new and all their friends are doing it.

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