Arnold schwarzenegger dating game

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With tons of contestants over the years, you'd be surprised that some became our favorite Hollywood celebrities.

From TV stars, to politicians, musicians and movie actors, these celebrities got to give their favorite game show a try first-hand before they were a household name.

Notably, she is 28 years old -- ten years younger than Pratt, who is 38.

Swipe all day on @bumblebff & @bumblebizz to get those matches going!The actor was photographed spending his Sunday with the 28-year-old star daughter in Santa Barbara, TMZ reports. The publication also revealed that Pratt was the perfect gentleman as he dropped by Katherine's home to pick her up for their date and eventually found a nice spot for their outdoor date. It's unclear how much they've spoken before this, but the general consensus seems to be that the two are still getting to know one another. We wouldn't be surprised if they take things slow, even if they end up being a long-term couple.Another potential difference will be the dynamic -- assuming that Chris and Katherine continue dating and don't go their separate ways.

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