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So she drives to Las Vegas and she meets this guy who’s an Elvis impersonator, and he wants to kill the devil too, because the devil’s taken his wife away.He wants to bring his wife back to life and take her out of hell.On the first night of the series, the audience was invited to bring pillows, and mid-way through, a pillow fight among everyone in the room—performers and audience—broke out at the sound of a bell.In addition to stand-up, Yi has a notable presence on You Tube. You know sometimes you realize it’s a dream and then things stop working?CY: I’m not sure where other comedians get their ideas, so I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I think most of them ] Sometimes I’ll think something is funny and I’ll go on stage and it doesn’t work, and it’s like, Oh my god—I think I lost my funny! Or I’ll do the same material with a different audience and it’ll work, and it’ll be like, How come it worked this time? BLVR: Well, what do you think you understand if you don’t think you understand what makes people laugh?Is there something else you understand that covers for that?She attended college for a short time, then dropped out and moved to Los Angeles in 2006, where she couch-surfed and lived out of her car while performing stand-up gigs.She quickly gathered a following of comedians and noncomedians, and was one of the original performers at Matt Besser’s Upright Citizens Brigade in Hollywood.

At least when I’m an audience member, after you hear a joke so many times it’s not as funny because it loses its surprise or its twist. BLVR: You’re writing an HBO series— CY: Um, I’m not allowed to talk about that contractually.

The first time I performed was at a comedy audition.

I pulled up the mic but it hit my mouth because it came too high, and it dropped and I couldn’t figure out the mic, and I couldn’t see anything on stage because of the lights.

BLVR: Are you working on anything you can talk about? It was me playing the character in the dream, but in the comic book it’s not me at all.

CY: I wrote a play with my friend called and a zombie movie. I wake up in the mornings and I usually get myself to clean my disgusting room, then I have a list of things to do, like this rewrite on my comic book. It’s about a character who’s trying to save the world, and it’s kind of postapocalyptic. It was like she was on a mission because there was this heat wave going on, and everyone was getting sick and dying and going crazy and killing each other because of this crazy fever.

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