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These will be kept on file and you may be contacted if and when the occasion presents itself.If your art-only submission is not kept on file, you will not get a response.**For example, if you refer a buyer whose first purchase is a 9 monthly membership, 20% () will be added to your current account.The referral earning only applies to the first monthly payment received by Shutterstock for any given membership plan.If you have a feature suggestion or see a problem, please use the Contact Us page.

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We hope the site is useful as it is, but we are also still actively developing new features.DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ART as your work will not be returned.Writers: We accept proposals only (see Proposal Requirements below)—please do not send storyboards, scripts, notes, or manuscripts—anything other than a proposal that meets the below specifications will be automatically declined.We do not contract creators; we’re only interested in publishing original content for which you would retain all rights.Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters—Image characters or otherwise—as they will automatically be declined.

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